Emma’s First Food

Three seconds after my husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby, boom: Pinterest board. I made this particular Pinterest board “private,” and would secretly pin enough baby related material to give someone carpal tunnel. I felt like a crazy lady (okay, fine. I was a crazy lady.) So many things excited me about one day, god willing, becoming a mom. With how much I love to cook for my husband, family and friends; Words cannot explain how anxious I became to one day cook for my sweet baby. And to then, one day, share my passion of cooking with her (or him.)

A few months later, the magic happened. I’ll spare you the fine details. My husband and I were blessed with the news that we were expecting our first baby! A sweet little girl that we would name Emma. We were honestly freakin’ terrified. I don’t think anything, whether you are “trying” or not, can prepare you for that positive pregnancy test. Nonetheless, we were so excited, felt so blessed, and already smitten.

Now, time to get cracking on putting that old Pinterest board to good use. I knew for a long time that I wanted to make my own baby food. Not only because I love to cook, but for the peace of mind in knowing exactly what was going into my baby girls belly. Not to mention, you can save boatloads of money. I definitely put my hours in researching the “how to’s.” Blogs, books, and Pinterest will be your best friends, but always consult with your pediatrician before giving your baby solid foods.

Our Pediatrician believes early introduction to food is extremely important for two main reasons:

  1. Developing allergies. He stated that if you introduce your baby to most foods before the age of 6 months, they are much less likely to develop allergies.
  2. Hope that your baby will possess a diverse palate. This one really got me. I COULD NOT have a picky eater. It just wouldn’t work and I’d have to give her back. (That’s a joke.)

With that being said, at about 15 weeks old, Emma started showing signs of being “ready.” Holding her head up on her own, fixing her eyes on our food, grabbing at our food, sticking anything and everything in her mouth, unsatisfied after her bottle, the list goes on. After asking our Pediatrician, he assured us we could start giving her extremely puréed foods. He reassured us that if she wasn’t ready, she would make it pretty clear.

Shocking: She loved it! As if my offspring wouldn’t. Now she didn’t (and still doesn’t) eat much. Maybe a teaspoon a day at first and about 2-3 teaspoons a day now (18 weeks old.) We started Emma with squash (recipe here.) Sweet potatoes followed the squash and then spinach (this was a big fat ‘no’ for Emma, but we’ll try again later). The second week of our journey into discovered foods I gave Emma avocado and applesauce. You guys. It was like this child discovered gold. It was at this point that I was moving much too slow for Emma and she decided to start helping me feed her by grabbing the spoon (with my help, of course) and putting it in her mouth. “WOW,” I thought…this baby is going to be a professional eater and my job here is complete.

I’ll be posting tons of my favorite baby food mash-ups along the way; As well as some of tips and tricks that keep it simple and fun. I hope you all enjoy that first puree as much as I did and of course, that very first time you get to feed your little sweetpea! Make sure you get every smile, sour face, and projectile spit-out caught on camera (you’ll be happy you did when they’re a pesky teenager.)

My Favorite Baby Food Makin’ Products:

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Glass Food Containers: OXO Tot Glass Containers

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And because she’s just so dang cute….

Emma’s First Feeding

When we discovered avocados..

Bon Appétit,


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