Baby’s First Holiday Gift Guide

Good Morning, Everyone and Happy Sunday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are prepared to tackle another work week – you got this!

Whether you’ve recently had a baby of your own or someone special in your life has, you’ve more than likely been anticipating your first holiday season with the new addition. You’re also probably wondering what in the world to get someone that essentially, is too small to ask for anything.

My daughter, Emma is now 5 1/2 months old and this is a question that I’ve not only asked myself, but have had an influx of family and friends ask too. At this age, they’re not exactly asking for the toy they see on TV, let alone able to walk or talk. On top of it, if you’re anything like me, you’re trying to avoid a clutter of toys that you have no idea where to store them. At the end of the day, it’s your baby’s first Christmas (or Hanukkah!) and you want it to be special and you want Santa to come for them, too (even if you’re the one opening the gifts!)

This is, most likely, the last Christmas you can get away without your kid asking for Santa to deliver all the toys, so I see it as a good opportunity to stock up on those things they’ll actually start needing as they grow and develop. This can also take some of the financial weight off of you in the upcoming months (having a baby is not cheap!) Begin by asking yourself this:

  • What will my baby need in the upcoming months that I don’t currently have?

After asking myself this (a few times) this is what I came up with…


  1. Wooden Educational Maze: We recently bought our daughter an activity center (this one) and it has a very mini replica of this wooden maze on it. It quickly became her favorite activity and I love watching her explore how to move those pieces from one end to another.
  2. Magnetic Letters & Numbers: It’s never too early to start introducing those letters and numbers! I particularly like the idea of these magnets because I can put them on the lower side of our refrigerator and it becomes an activity she can do while I’m busy in the kitchen, but can still keep a close eye on her.
  3. Customizable Peg Puzzle: Peg puzzles are great for baby’s because the pieces are easy to pick up with their still developing motor skills. I love that this one is customizable for their name (never too early to introduce that, either!)
  4. Skip Hop Play Mat: Perfect for that mobile or soon-to-be mobile baby in your life. They will fall over, and they’ll fall over often at first, so this is perfect so they don’t hurt their little noggin!
  5. Clothes to Grow into: Let’s be honest. These things grow like WEEDS. Since I personally don’t have anything for the upcoming seasons, I asked relatives for a few clothing items for this summer. Out of season clothing items are also a great idea for friends and family because you can typically find them super cheap this time of year and you never want to ask anyone to break the bank on your behalf! I’ll be purchasing this dress, but websites like Old Navy & Gymboree have GREAT deals right now for summer clothes (this boys shirt and this dress .)
  6. Transitional Sippy Cup Set: I love these sippy cups! The removable handles make it easy for baby to grab and it comes with two different lids as your baby transitions.
  7. Dr. Brown’s Next Level Nipples: The stages of nipples will change every few months for babies, so these will make a cute little stocking stuffer!
  8. Beaba 2nd Stage Cutlery: Another cute stocking stuffer for that growing little one.
  9. EZPZ Happy Mat: These are GREAT – I already use one with Emma because her first instinct anytime we put anything on her highchair tray is to either knock it off or pick it up and dump it (fun game, right?) Well these will stick perfectly to their tray and save you another mess to clean up.
  10. Tabletop Paper Roll Dispenser: I’ve always loved arts & crafts and it’s one thing I’ve personally been so excited about experiencing with Emma. I love this paper dispenser because you can pull the sheet of paper across the whole table, which doubles as their canvas and a table cloth.
  11. Hess Truck: Hess Trucks are a Christmas classic. I can still hear the damn jingle on the commercial and remember the anticipated release of “this years” truck.
  12. Walker Shoes: Converse or Hunter Boots: If they haven’t happened yet, within the next few months baby will be getting ready to take their first few steps. I love both these converse and Hunter rain boots because they can be worn any season and are staples that won’t go out of style (save them for baby # 2 or friends will love them as hand-me-downs!)
  13. Children’s Apron & Mitt Set: OKAY, I died when I saw these and immediately had to purchase. I am so excited to one day share my passion of cooking with my daughter. I’ve imagined her helping me bake Christmas cookies, Daddy’s birthday cakes, and making lunch for what seems like forever. Now, imagine your little one doing all those things with you in a personalized mini apron and oven mitts!? I’m actually CRYING. You can use the apron during art/water play too to protect those little outfits. Another plus? They can be personalized for FREE!
  14. Socks: I mean, is it really Christmas if someone doesn’t get socks? This brand has the cutest prints for both girls and boys; I personally love the aztec print!

I hope you all enjoy this first holiday season with your new bundle of joy; Whether it be your own baby, grand baby, niece or nephew, or your best friends little joy. This season is truly magical and it will only be getting better as they begin to understand the story behind each holiday. Beyond all the gifts, I hope you shower all the little miracles in your life with love, support, and all the giggles that belly can handle! Sending the happiest holiday wishes to you and yours.

*AFTER THOUGHT: I forgot to mention something I love to do with Emma. For each special event or holiday, I’ve been getting her coordinating books to read to her and write a little message in for her “first” holiday. For my baby shower I had all of my guests write a passage for her in the Dr. Seuss book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” and I still go back and read them all (& bawl my eyes out at the sweetness!) These are the other books I’ve purchased thus far:


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