Favorite Baby Products: 6 Month Old

Anyone who has recently had a baby can tell you that there’s an ocean of products out there. There’s quite literally something for everything (did you know there’s even a butt spatula to apply your babies butt paste? What the actual hell.) It can be really hard to navigate the hundreds of different guides found on pinterest, most likely curated by people who are sponsored to tell you that you “can’t live without this product.”  Well I am here to tell you that I am not sponsored by squat (however I DO have affiliate links that I create for products I want to share with you) and these are truly products that, 6 months into the mommy game, I use every single day. There’s always going to be less expensive or more expensive options for each product, however these are the exact things I’ve tried and loved (and I’ll add a few I don’t love too!)

Baby Products.png


  1. Infantino Squeeze Station: The baby food pouches are seriously the easiest way to take your baby’s food on the go. Emma can’t squeeze the food into her mouth yet, but to squeeze it onto a spoon is way easier than bringing Tupperware containers, etc.
  2. Beaba Babycook: I know I’ve mentioned this baby a million times. That’s because it is hands down my favorite and most used baby product. Listen, with this cooker it takes me hardly any prep or time to make a bunch of servings of food. I am able to consistently have a stock pile of food in our freezer, without compromising precious time. When you make your own baby food, you have piece of mind knowing exactly what you’re feeding little one and you save a boat load of money. What’s better than that? Not to mention it makes some pretty perfect (and effortless) steamed veggies for my husband and I, too 🙂
  3. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment: This brand is amazing. This ointment is a game changer. I’m about to go on a rant. Just about everyone in my family suffers from dry and sensitive skin, especially this time of year, so I wasn’t shocked when I began noticing dryness on Emma. This ointment can be used for just about anything on your skin, including a replacement for butt paste. When I tell you this stuff works miracles, I mean it. Within 2 days of using it on Emma, her skin was clear of any baby acne and so incredibly soft. Even my husband noticed and we all know husbands aren’t great noticers (I know that’s not a word, grammar police.) I developed a dry patch under my wedding rings (it was freaking awful) from an increased amount of hand washing and water getting caught. I tried everything. I literally went to the doctor for it! This ointment cleared it up in 3 days….
  4. Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash: See above statement. This brand is KEY if your family suffers from dry & sensitive skin.
  5. The Honest Company Multi-Surface Cleaner: I swear I have never noticed how dirty/dusty surfaces get before having a baby who has decided everything on the face of the earth is a chew toy (she’s basically a dog.) I find comfort in knowing that I can use this product to disinfect/clean anything in our house and she won’t be harmed after putting it in her mouth. Another plus, it doesn’t leave your surfaces greasy/slippery like some natural cleaning products.
  6. EZPZ Placemat: Why do babies love to throw everything? Emma plays this really fun game where when she’s sitting in her high chair, anything you put in front of her she knocks on the floor and waits for you to pick it back up, just so she can knock it back on the floor. She’s so darn cute! (pulling my hair out) This mat will stay stuck to her high chair tray so she can’t move it, making you feel like a devious queen.
  7. Baby Walker w/ Front Play Station: Now this isn’t the exact one that we have, but it’s the closest I could find. My daughter doesn’t use this to walk quite yet, but she loves the activity station on the front! I can sit her on the floor with this in front of her and it will entertain her for at least 20 minutes (20 minutes of uninterrupted play feels like hours in the parenting world.)
  8.  BOOKS: I cannot stress this enough. The art of reading is really dying out and being taken over by iPads. Reading to your baby at a young age will do amazing things for them developmentally. I love cuddling up on the couch with Emma and reading her a few books. Even though she has no idea what you’re saying, she still touches and feels all the pages and loves looking at all the colorful illustrations. The more your baby hears you say words, rather than “goo-goo-ga-ga,” the better!
  9. Beaba Glass Containers: Any glass storage containers will do, but these happen to be the ones I use/love. I prefer the glass for dishwasher & labeling purposes. I’ve noticed that even my “dishwasher safe” plastic containers are starting to get foggy and odd-shaped. Also, I label all of her food containers so I know what the heck is in there and they just seem to come off the glass better.
  10. Wood Grain Foam Floor Mats: Emma has recently started trying to crawl, however our entire house has hardwood floors throughout (making it too slippery for her to actually go anywhere.) Laying down floor mats can give your little one that extra grip they need to start getting around. I loved these mats for two main reasons: 1. they match our hard wood floors and 2. THE PRICE!
  11. Bella Tunno Silicone Bibs: This style bib is so, so convenient. The pouch attached at the bottom catches all of the food baby rejects and the silicone makes it really easy to wash off in the sink. I know there are cheaper options for these, but I’m a sucker for a catchy, cute phrase 🙂
  12. Chewbeads: I couldn’t find many teething accessories that Emma liked. For the longest time she just preferred her hand, foot, my hand, or her pacifier. She finally took to these chewbeads, which was great because I can attach it to her car seat so she can’t THROW IT overboard.
  13. Harper Kate & Co Hair Bows & Clips: By far the best quality & cutest designs for bows I have found so far! The price point is fabulous and so is the shop owner, Rachael!
  14. Happy Baby Organic Teethers: We just started giving these to Emma a few weeks ago and they are Gods gift to teething babies (and their parents!) She will hold on to one and nibble it with her gums and it totally relieves some of her pain, gives her a snack, teaches her hand-mouth coordination, and entertains her. They become extremely soft and essentially dissolve on their own as they get wet, however I definitely wouldn’t leave a little one unattended while chomping!
  15. Skip Hop Activity Center: This one is amazing. We had a cheaper one previous to it, however it didn’t really keep her entertained (didn’t light up, play music, etc.) I can honestly say she enjoys playing with each of the little trinkets attached to this one.  The bottom part is removable as they grow and the whole thing can even be turned into a table for when they’re a little bit older.


Thing’s People Told Me I Needed, But I Definitely Didn’t

Now believe me, I completely understand that everyone, every household, and every baby is different. I personally try to be as minimalistic as possible and only buy/keep things we need/use daily. I’m mostly forced to be this way because I live in a literal shoebox and If I try to fit one more thingamajig in my closet the entire foundation of my house will combust. With that being said, I just don’t have room for the unnecessary items. If I’m posting about something that you used, loved and swore by; GIRL, DO YOU! Why do you think there’s such thing as a butt spatula? Because someone out there is spackling their babies butt with it right now, that’s why.

  1. Wipe Warmer: I’m not setting my child up for failure. The first time a cold compress hits that little hiney, I don’t want to be the one to witness the mega freak out. Sometimes things are warm, sometimes they’re utterly freezing. It keeps life interesting; Jump in fear and squeal like the rest of us.
  2. This “Superseat” that I insisted on buying: I understand that my baby is a little chunky (she’s perfect), however Emma grew out of this within 2 seconds and that’s when I purchased the Skip Hop Activity Center and basically threw $30 in the trashcan.
  3. Formula Keurig: Can we please just go back to the era when people mixed their own bottles? Like, 2016?
  4. Bottle Sterilizer: I’m sure there will be people reading this right now thinking, “ew, she doesn’t sterilize her bottles?!” But, I do. I just don’t need ANOTHER thing to do it for me. I boil them and it requires one pot and water.
  5. Bottle Warmer: I mean, in my opinion, this just goes in hand with the wipe warmer. We’ve been giving Emma room temperature bottles since day one and she has yet once to suffer from hypothermia. And also, isn’t that what microwaves are for?
  6. Messy Mat: This is a mat that you place under your baby’s high chair to “catch” all the food that they constantly throw all over the floor (see above rant.) However, this SERIOUSLY confuses me. Don’t you still have to clean it up?!?!?!?! Or is this like the floors in the movie Smart House where it just sucks up the mess? Am I truly missing something here? I mean, maybe if you have carpet in your kitchen, but at that point – who designed your house?
  7. Baby Bath Robe: Ok, I totally have one and I purchased it because it was the cutest freaking thing ever,’ but holy hell it was satan in the form of terrycloth. The one time I actually tried to put this robe on Emma, she sat there cold, wet, and crying (screaming) as I tried maneuvering her slippery arms into the sleeves. By the time I finally got the thing on (and obviously took a picture), she peed. Save the robe for Hugh Hefner (RIP).
  8. An unnecessary amount of baby toysIt is a wonderful thing to be able to give your child everything they’ll ever want/need. However, I think it’s very important to teach them the big difference between wanting and needing. Also, clutter. Also, my house is a shoebox.

If you’ve stuck through to the end of my rants, I commend you and insist on you having a glass of wine tonight. I want to remind everyone that these thoughts/opinions are purely based on my own, individual experiences, and they should be taken with a grain of salt. We’re all out here winging it, doing the best damn job we can. I hope that this guide can give you some insight on products you were maybe on the fence about already. And if you find that your heart craves a butt spatula, you buy that butt spatula and enjoy every minute of it.  In fact, I’ll even link it for you: Butt Spatula.



DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


Baby’s First Holiday Gift Guide

Good Morning, Everyone and Happy Sunday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are prepared to tackle another work week – you got this!

Whether you’ve recently had a baby of your own or someone special in your life has, you’ve more than likely been anticipating your first holiday season with the new addition. You’re also probably wondering what in the world to get someone that essentially, is too small to ask for anything.

My daughter, Emma is now 5 1/2 months old and this is a question that I’ve not only asked myself, but have had an influx of family and friends ask too. At this age, they’re not exactly asking for the toy they see on TV, let alone able to walk or talk. On top of it, if you’re anything like me, you’re trying to avoid a clutter of toys that you have no idea where to store them. At the end of the day, it’s your baby’s first Christmas (or Hanukkah!) and you want it to be special and you want Santa to come for them, too (even if you’re the one opening the gifts!)

This is, most likely, the last Christmas you can get away without your kid asking for Santa to deliver all the toys, so I see it as a good opportunity to stock up on those things they’ll actually start needing as they grow and develop. This can also take some of the financial weight off of you in the upcoming months (having a baby is not cheap!) Begin by asking yourself this:

  • What will my baby need in the upcoming months that I don’t currently have?

After asking myself this (a few times) this is what I came up with…


  1. Wooden Educational Maze: We recently bought our daughter an activity center (this one) and it has a very mini replica of this wooden maze on it. It quickly became her favorite activity and I love watching her explore how to move those pieces from one end to another.
  2. Magnetic Letters & Numbers: It’s never too early to start introducing those letters and numbers! I particularly like the idea of these magnets because I can put them on the lower side of our refrigerator and it becomes an activity she can do while I’m busy in the kitchen, but can still keep a close eye on her.
  3. Customizable Peg Puzzle: Peg puzzles are great for baby’s because the pieces are easy to pick up with their still developing motor skills. I love that this one is customizable for their name (never too early to introduce that, either!)
  4. Skip Hop Play Mat: Perfect for that mobile or soon-to-be mobile baby in your life. They will fall over, and they’ll fall over often at first, so this is perfect so they don’t hurt their little noggin!
  5. Clothes to Grow into: Let’s be honest. These things grow like WEEDS. Since I personally don’t have anything for the upcoming seasons, I asked relatives for a few clothing items for this summer. Out of season clothing items are also a great idea for friends and family because you can typically find them super cheap this time of year and you never want to ask anyone to break the bank on your behalf! I’ll be purchasing this dress, but websites like Old Navy & Gymboree have GREAT deals right now for summer clothes (this boys shirt and this dress .)
  6. Transitional Sippy Cup Set: I love these sippy cups! The removable handles make it easy for baby to grab and it comes with two different lids as your baby transitions.
  7. Dr. Brown’s Next Level Nipples: The stages of nipples will change every few months for babies, so these will make a cute little stocking stuffer!
  8. Beaba 2nd Stage Cutlery: Another cute stocking stuffer for that growing little one.
  9. EZPZ Happy Mat: These are GREAT – I already use one with Emma because her first instinct anytime we put anything on her highchair tray is to either knock it off or pick it up and dump it (fun game, right?) Well these will stick perfectly to their tray and save you another mess to clean up.
  10. Tabletop Paper Roll Dispenser: I’ve always loved arts & crafts and it’s one thing I’ve personally been so excited about experiencing with Emma. I love this paper dispenser because you can pull the sheet of paper across the whole table, which doubles as their canvas and a table cloth.
  11. Hess Truck: Hess Trucks are a Christmas classic. I can still hear the damn jingle on the commercial and remember the anticipated release of “this years” truck.
  12. Walker Shoes: Converse or Hunter Boots: If they haven’t happened yet, within the next few months baby will be getting ready to take their first few steps. I love both these converse and Hunter rain boots because they can be worn any season and are staples that won’t go out of style (save them for baby # 2 or friends will love them as hand-me-downs!)
  13. Children’s Apron & Mitt Set: OKAY, I died when I saw these and immediately had to purchase. I am so excited to one day share my passion of cooking with my daughter. I’ve imagined her helping me bake Christmas cookies, Daddy’s birthday cakes, and making lunch for what seems like forever. Now, imagine your little one doing all those things with you in a personalized mini apron and oven mitts!? I’m actually CRYING. You can use the apron during art/water play too to protect those little outfits. Another plus? They can be personalized for FREE!
  14. Socks: I mean, is it really Christmas if someone doesn’t get socks? This brand has the cutest prints for both girls and boys; I personally love the aztec print!

I hope you all enjoy this first holiday season with your new bundle of joy; Whether it be your own baby, grand baby, niece or nephew, or your best friends little joy. This season is truly magical and it will only be getting better as they begin to understand the story behind each holiday. Beyond all the gifts, I hope you shower all the little miracles in your life with love, support, and all the giggles that belly can handle! Sending the happiest holiday wishes to you and yours.

*AFTER THOUGHT: I forgot to mention something I love to do with Emma. For each special event or holiday, I’ve been getting her coordinating books to read to her and write a little message in for her “first” holiday. For my baby shower I had all of my guests write a passage for her in the Dr. Seuss book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” and I still go back and read them all (& bawl my eyes out at the sweetness!) These are the other books I’ve purchased thus far: